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Meet with a white polar bear named Snowball. He lives in the space of computer games and is involved in many exciting adventures. For example, Snow forced to stand alone against monsters that keep it in their native Arctic. It's pretty funny monsters, so bear dispatches them is also very funny - throws snowballs at them until they turn into a snowball. Snowball must defeat all the enemies to go to the next level, and then to his final goal. Games with Snowball created especially for young gamers, but because very often they do not have enemies, but only valuable artifacts that bear gathers to advance in the game. Snowball knows a lot of useful products, and therefore prefer to eat fresh berries and fruits. When he finds himself on a remote island, it does not stop until he eats all the goodies on the level. Gamer mouse indicates the direction of motion, making sure that the hero did not fall into the abyss. Children will love to think of moving Snowball, rolling it on the moving platforms. Sometimes tends to bear more valuable artifacts and this goes back to the ancient Egyptian pyramids, in the ancient city of lost civilizations, a mystical castle full of ghosts and monsters. When the hero sees gold jewelry, shiny gems that are unique works of art, he is prepared to risk his own life, even if only to get them. Fortunately, he helps the player who sees to it that no one is hurt the little bear, that he found the true path to riches and did not get into the trap. Sometimes Snowball tired of risky travel and enjoys a stable business, opening a restaurant with his friend, the brown bear brownie. They offer visitors a cozy tables, delicious, pleasant atmosphere. And ensure that all customer needs are met quickly and clearly. Gamer helps them to take orders, cook, carry trays from table to table, to collect the money. To be successful in this game you have to work every day to earn a certain amount, to buy extra hardware to empower restaurant. Snowball - very responsive bear, and if friends get into trouble, he was happy to help them. When crafty cat mafia decided to pull apart the entire stock of fish in the brown bear, Snowball was in the front ranks of the defenders. He slaps his powerful paw cats and helps to bring back the fish has stolen to their rightful owners. All games Snowball only shareware - online versions are available only a few initial levels, and the full version is a limited time, after which its registration is required.

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Snowball free online games

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