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Snooker - one of the most popular types of billiards. Although this game is fairly recent, but at the end of the XIX century, now hosts many prestigious tournaments in snooker and even an annual world championship. In snooker, there are three types of balls. The main game ball, which hit on cue to knock other balls - white. Before the game the player puts him in a special zone of the table, and if the white ball falls in the hole, it can be placed in any convenient position player. There is one ball of yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black. Scoring in the pocket these colorful balls, the player receives a high number of points: 2 for yellow and black for up to 7. Also involved in the game of snooker fifteen red balls. Getting into the pockets, they bring the player one point. In the beginning of the game the red balls are arranged in a pyramid on the table and as long as there is at least one red, all balls of a different color back into place after scoring in the pocket. The winner in the game snooker is the one who will score more points than your opponent. Now you can play online snooker with excellent simulation, clearly reflecting the rules of the game. The player chooses the direction of impact, sets his strength and then contemplates the movement of the balls on the virtual desktop. For computer snooker do not always need an opponent, and gamer alone can make all the blows, trying to score as many points for a limited time round. A computer can be recommended for beginners snooker billiards lovers as a visual aid on the rules of the game and for a better understanding of the behavior of the balls on the table. The flash games built additional tips to help you achieve the maximum from every blow. This, for example, a direct line from the cue and showing in what direction the fly ball after impact. Some programs allow for bevel and indirect impact of the balls, showing the angle at which colored ball will fly from hitting the white ball. Not all games with billiards precisely follow the official rules of snooker, and creates a much more entertaining games than training simulators. For example, the basic balls can be made here as the sheep, and the ball shooting converted into a dog, shepherd. When the dog approaches the sheep, they run away to the sides. So all you need to drive a herd of sheep into the pockets. There is a billiard game made in the form of a puzzle, "three in a row" - the player puts the balls into the mainstream to create a chain of the same color. It creates even dress up in a billiard style - gamers are invited to pick up a stylish outfit for a pretty girl with cue in hand, or even for the whole team billiard beauties.

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