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Blue hedgehog Sonic has become one of the symbols of computer games. He appeared at the dawn of the gaming industry and with his participation created many brodilok, racing, arcade games, puzzle games. Flash toys with Sonic can copy the classic games for consoles Sega - they hedgehog running around the virtual universe, collect gold rings, crushes enemies with its sharp needles. The hero is a lot of amazing abilities. The most famous of them - is the ability to run incredibly fast. Small acceleration, and this hedgehog is rushing for over-speed, knocking down the path of all obstacles. When Sonic is not running, it is to be feared enemies, because careless contact with them will result in the loss of life. But he can jump on his back to them and then there is the enemy not be good - they will simply flattened. Collect gold rings is important for any game featuring Sonic. They open up new opportunities, and collecting enough of them, you can turn your hero to invincible Super Sonic. Modern Sonic games are often faced in a two game universe celebrity - here blue hedgehog meets a brave plumber Mario. Sometimes they work together. For example, the gamer controls two characters at the same time and when the move Sonic, Mario performs the same steps, but in mirror image. You have to be very careful to not heroes fell into the abyss or not faced with the wicked. Gamer should bring them to the exit door at the same time to move on to the next level and thus pass all the rounds in this flash toy. Play Games Sonic 2 can be in the popular genre of racing. Hedgehog happy to sit behind the wheel of a powerful motorcycle, riding off-road all terrain vehicles, mastering the art of skateboarding, bisecting the surface of the lake water skiing. Gamers need to monitor drifts in the corners, in time to slow down on sharp slopes, keep your balance while jumping. And of course, do not forget to collect valuable artifacts - often they need to in between races to improve their technique, to buy new parts and accessories. Sonic Games Online Free is repeated, and other popular toys. For example, Sonic tries himself in the role of a cannon ball, in a game similar to Angry Birds. The player must set the power of the shot and send a hedgehog on shaky structure of beach crabs. During the flight, it is necessary not only to bring down all the crabs, but also to try to pick up along the way as many gold rings. Sonic will be able to play and girls. They like to create their own methods of hedgehog flash colorings and odevalok, try different shades of his needles, try on his stylish outfits. These and many other Sonic games you will find in this section of our site.

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