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Exciting adventures of blue hedgehog named Sonic continued in the animated series "Sonic X». This is one of those rare cases when a cartoon made on the basis of computer toys. Although, in the case of Sonic is not surprising: after all, he was one of the most beloved video game characters for gamers of all generations. Sonic has appeared in the period of the easiest games for video consoles, and has since taken part in a huge variety of virtual adventure. The series "Sonic X» tells about how Sonic came to Earth from a parallel dimension, where he was abandoned with his friends because of activation of Chaos Control. It made an eternal enemy of Sonic, Eggman, and the team took a hedgehog to stop his criminal plans. In order to achieve the ultimate success, friends gathered the required number of emeralds, so Sonic went to his almost invincible form, turning into Super Sonic. This story has migrated into the game Sonic's. Here you need to spend a lot of Sonic the dangers and help him collect all the artifacts. In modern interpretations of games appeared more sophisticated adversaries. For example, Sonic must confront the powerful robots attacking his laser shots. At the armed hero is his natural ability to curl into a ball and hit opponents with sharp needles. And in some games, he can throw the opponent's gold rings, which, as always, he collected during his travels. In the alterations that occur with Sonic, may be useful help of his loyal friends from the movie "Sonic X». This is a two-tailed fox, pink hedgehog, echidna. Sometimes the gamer can choose one of them as the main character, and sometimes there is an opportunity to call them all at once to the rescue when Sonic is in serious danger. If Sonic X to play online, you must prepare for the unexpected, because here there are unique episodes, unlike anything graphics or gameplay to the classic fun with Sonic. For example, Sonic riding a bike, flying a plane, cuts through the waves on water skis. The player helps him avoid collisions, to gain the maximum speed on the straights, gently come in turns, skillfully overtake opponents. In games arcade Sonic is trapped in a maze. He has to pick up the key from the door, disarm enemies with cunning traps to get around - and so it goes on in many levels, until the hero finds a way out of the dungeon. Some of the games Sonic the hedgehog X tolerate in other people's universes. For example, instead of Mario, he is fighting with the turtles and mushrooms, or saves the princess, and in the style of Evil Birds shoot a cannon on the structures of aggressive crabs.

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