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Ukrainian studio GSC Game World in 2007 presented adventurers real gift by releasing a PC game STALKER. This product is so gamers like that very soon he gained the whole world. It played the same enthusiasm, children and adults. Stalker hit the eccentricity, offering a completely new ideas that were dressed in special effects with great graphics and voice acting background. The next two years will give the player a series of "Call of Pripyat", "Shadow of Chernobyl" and "Clear Skies". The action is on behalf of a gamer with moments of role-playing games, action adventure and survival horror. In 2011, the developers, using technological advances have allowed the players to play online for free Stalker. The action takes place in the area that is affected by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion. After a disaster, people were evacuated, but the animals were and mutated by radiation. Constant emissions from the damaged reactors continue to stimulate the genetics of all living things, creating new monsters of flora and fauna. The idea of ​​a mysterious zone belongs Strugatsky brothers, but they did not have a view of Chernobyl. It is only then had the idea to combine these things together. The story of the game Stalker, and later literature on the subject, a bit confused and paradoxical. The impetus for the creation of the game were the product of Strugatsky brothers' Roadside Picnic "and" The Forgotten Experiment "and a film by Andrei Tarkovsky's" Stalker "and kneaded it all on the idea of ​​the exclusion zone of Chernobyl. When the computer version has gained huge success, there were authors of books that want to develop the theme further. Soon bookstores were forced to allocate a new literary genre of whole sections. It started with the books and they ended. Modern authors successfully picked up the baton and enriched the topic with new ideas. For those gamers who prefer to play online for free Stalker, will be pleased to find locations versions of "Clear Sky" and "Shadow of Chernobyl". You have to collect artifacts, battles with enemy groupings, trade, hunting mutants. Beginning dangerous campaign, you have the right to choose their own destiny - you become a stalker independent, freelance or part of one of the factions. In each case, the nuances and the rules by which the events will unfold. But do not expect - there's no easy way out, and only the different types of hazards. Becoming a stranger, get more freedom, and if will join the group, get access to the construction of buildings and the strengthening of bases. You will have the mission to be followed. Assignments will complicate the unexpected attack of mutants that swarm area. Those cute Dogs who once licked his hand to his master, now turned into bloodthirsty monsters, your thirst for death. Even the hulking pig, sleepy grunt once in his barn, now had a new mask and deadly. In the Zone you can not trust anyone. Harmless once bushes and rocks came to life and not simply learned to navigate around and found a fantastic property. Some can be treated, the other to kill, while others temporarily endow human superpower. Such items are called artifacts. Some are rare and of great interest to scientists. One of the tasks is to collect artifacts and sell them in the laboratory or resellers, consulting each other on an acceptable price. In the online version, you'll also find simulators animals can define rich deposits of artifacts habitat mutants, and more.

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