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Mystery, Horror, horror - is the direction of the genre that are accessed by people eager to experience the real horror, but at a safe distance from it. This opportunity gives them literature, cinema and computer products - the most terrible game. Fear - is the basic human instincts of self-preservation. Sensing the danger, he gets older to run away, hide, hide and hide. Or clenching into a fist, to oppose it, to defeat the threat and fear of their own. Turning to horror movies, people are looking for experience adrenaline into the blood. This is just one of the ways to get pleasure from danger, and that there's anything wrong with that. This does not mean that man limits himself to be one manifestation of feelings. Those who are not afraid to be afraid, people emotional, hungry for adventure. The worst games gathered on our website, designed to frighten and bring to you the willpower - to temper the internal struggle with danger. Meeting with the monsters of different manifestations makes mobilize internal resources of courage and defeat the darkspawn. For each of them has its own tools capable to send evil spirits to the underworld. Arm yourselves with silver bullets, aspen stakes, torches, holy water, prayers and spells to deal with zhutyu. Night - the most dangerous time of day. It was under the cover of darkness, and there are all guile. Zombies rise from their graves and unsteady step marching through the streets in search of fresh, warm brains of living people. Vampires rise from their graves and turn into bats to suck your blood. Werewolves waiting for the full moon and attack lonely travelers. Night comes to life, awakening to the lives of those who lurks in the daylight in its shell, avoiding the merciless sun to them. Only witches are afraid of nothing and make their own black magic at any time of day, giggling and viciously zyrkaya scornful look from under his thick eyebrows. These boilers are boiled snake tongue, frog eyes, spider legs, spider webs and their wings of bats. In one of the games you will be able to sell their customers otherworldly potion for special recipes, adding seasoning as toadstools, pale toadstool, moss and lichen. Apparently your guests like this soup as they lined up for a portion of your brew. But some foodies are buying a set of unusual foods to prepare their homes stew or roast delicious poisonous snakes or lizards, seasoning them wormwood grass and road dust. Noting Halloween, people dress up in themed costumes and decorate their homes with pumpkins with burning eyes, sculptures witches and skeletons. The game is not terrible, but it's funny, because there is the spirit of high spirits in anticipation of sweets. That's just in addition to conventional mummers, walk the streets true heroes of the day, that is all those who portray their costumes people. Your job is to find and kill all the evil awakened people to quietly celebrate Halloween. Man has always feared death, and that after it will go to hell. This topic is presented in a number of games, and if not afraid to come into contact with the other, please come back where you do not come back. Caught in the inhospitable world beyond the grave, you will encounter an army of monsters, flesh-eating alien. Wandering around in the dark corridors, try to avoid the monsters and collect everything that can be useful for escaping from this dreadful place. Maybe it's just a bad dream and waking, you'll be safe. But who knows ... a dream?

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