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Bow and arrow - this is one of the first weapons. With it, people hunted and fought. Cleverly released an arrow flew away and hit the target to hit. Archery even organized competitions and awarded honors. Today, archery is still found, but as children's toys, sports and gaming. Now it's fun to bring variety in our modern world with its high technology and achievements. Learning how to shoot a bow can be in the yard, shooting on a painted target, engaging in professional sports or opening our rubric and go in search of adventure. The famous Robin Hood was a master bow and could not get a bull's-eye, and cut in half and an arrow that was already there. He was famous for his marksmanship and hit moving targets, getting into the bird's eye in the sky. In our game versions you can do to become a famous robber who terrified the wealthy nobles traveling on the roads of the wild forest. Archer Royal Guard was indispensable during clashes with rival neighbors. From his watchful eye depended on the outcome of the battle. And to increase your chances to win and break the resistance of the enemy, arrows burned and shot by them over the high wall of the castle, thus causing a fire of wooden buildings for its perimeter. To become one of the archers can be in games archery online. But if you delve further into the story, then before you open the battle of ancient Rome, Athens and other states. In cartoons often use the idea of ​​archery in the apple on the head of another character. This is quite a dangerous occupation, which would be better not to engage in real life, if you are a professional magician. But archery game online is well suited for such activities. You can still go hunting for deer, ducks, rabbits and other game, using as weapons the onions. In this case, not enough good aim, we must also take into account natural disturbances - the trees and branches on the flight path, wind, fog, rain. All of these factors are easy to get up and change the course of obstacles flight vypushennyh light arrows. This archer takes into account all the possible obstacles and make them mend. Sports Archery can be taken separately or sport part of the program, such as the biathlon. In this case, can be used as a classic bow and crossbow, who also shoots arrows. Archer game opens up a path to Olympic gold, albeit a virtual one. Archery is a very unusual and methods of use of these weapons. Gallows hang in clusters in many games, and your job is to smash a shot from the bow rope to free the hanged. Some political leaders and film stars were so bored his scandals to people that they have to create a parody, and in computer games to put in conditions where they cause physical damage. They were constantly beaten on the rings, crush cars, experimenting in laboratories and shoot them with an arrow. Armed with a bow and arrow, you go on a treasure hunt, a medieval war in the ancient tribes of the Stone Age. You have to fight with the monsters, sort things out and defend the honor of the lady or her during fights. And when she was a little Cupid, aim at the heart of the potential and the pair fall in love it. Different situations, new characters and the era, and all of this together with a bow and quiver of arrows. Become a valiant knight, thief, magician, athlete, Cherubim. Onions are versatile weapon, but in the right hands can cause harm or bring glory.

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