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Although we all know that Sudoku - a Japanese puzzle is paradoxical that the first time she has appeared in America in 1979. And with the 1986 edition of the popular Japanese on their pages regularly published a Sudoku, and that was the impetus for this popularity. In modern times, this remarkable puzzle is very popular all over the world and solve puzzles - this is a great and exciting, and most importantly - an intelligent way to spend your spare time. More and more people are joining the army of fans of Sudoku every day. If you decipher the word puzzles with the Japanese language, we get the following: "su" - means "figure", and "dock" - "standing alone." This is a mathematical abstraction of the playing field in a square 9 by 9, divided into smaller squares 3 on 3. In sum, the board of 81 squares. The essence of the game is to fill the cells are numbered from one to nine. At each vertical and horizontal lines of the field, as well as squares 3 3 it should present the numbers from 1 to 9 in a free manner. Right from the start, some cells pre-filled with numbers in order to be able to build on the initial version. Difficulty Sudoku depends on how many cells are filled in the starting field. Before fill each empty cell must check every column, row, and a small square to determine what number should be present in the cell. Each number from 1 to 9 in them should only occur once. At first it may seem a difficult task, but when the "stuffing his hand and eye," it is very easy and simple, and from this lesson and then for the ears ottyanesh. As with all current most popular game of Sudoku also has its analogue computer, and now you can play for free Sudoku on the Internet right in the online mode. All games to play sudoku online, which can be and we are endowed with nice graphics and user-friendly interface. General framework Sudoku - is to find patterns that are a central focus in the sciences, mathematics, sociology, history and economics. Even in everyday life and the destiny of man can find many patterns. In sudoku online game helps develop the skills required in various non-standard situations in the analysis of data and events to make effective decisions. So to play Sudoku online is not just fun and exciting, but also very useful. Having solved this unusual philosophy - a Sudoku puzzle, one realizes the gift of sage and gains invaluable skills.

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Sudoku free online games

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