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Mario - it's a simple plumber, but in his chest beats the heart of a brave and noble. When a villain Bowser kidnaps Princess Mushroom Kingdom, Mario immediately sent a long and dangerous journey to save the beautiful. Along the way he meets Bowser's minions: live Gumba mushrooms, turtles Kupa, plants, piranhas, deadly jellyfish and fish. All they want to stop Mario, but he easily defeats when jumping on the heads of enemies. A gathering mushrooms and flower artifact, Mario gets the power to throw fireballs, helping to clear the way to the castle main enemy. The first Super Mario game series created for the 8-bit video consoles, but the development of the story did not stop there, but continues in the form of numerous variations of the game, with the repetition of the gameplay and the main characters. For example, in Super Mario to play online for free can be in brand new levels created by real fans of this cult game. Some of them are only slightly different from the original versions, but offer other characters. Here you can immerse yourself into the world of Mario, Sonic hedgehog driving, Bart and Homer Simpson. Other developers can create entirely new worlds in which there are other physical laws. For example, Mario is in a limited space, and to go further, have to jump across the platforms to the exit door. Or, instead of standing on the ground, Mario is flying in the sky, flying and shooting at enemies flows devastating fire. Play Super Mario can be quite an unusual genre, fundamentally different from the classic game. Here, Mario may be in space, enclosed in a transparent ball. His beloved princess very close, but he can not make even a step to get closer to her. Therefore gamer shoots the ball from Mario cannons to push it to the target. It is important that Mario is not missed by his girlfriend. To do this, you need to clearly follow the direction and strength of the shot. In Super Mario you can play online for free on virtual racetracks. Plumber here gets behind the wheel of high-speed cars, powerful SUVs, large trucks. He still has to collect gold coins, but instead of fighting with the enemies he faces steep climbs, sharp descents, jumping on trampolines and overtaking opponents in tight turns. Online games in the Super Mario are also created for girls and kids. They can pick up clothes for the character, collect puzzle with his participation. Experienced gamers might like strategy to Mario - he is building defensive towers to keep the villains in his kingdom. In classic and modern versions of Super Mario Bros. You can play for free in this section of our website.

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