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Superheroes have become popular thanks to the comics. Then the stories involving them began incarnating in movies and cartoons. Who are these characters with amazing abilities to fight evil is in the space of computer games. Among them - the characters of the cartoon The Incredibles. This is not surprising, since Mr. Exceptional strength, agility elastic, sverhskorost Shastika and invisibility Violets can defeat any criminal, especially when the whole family works together. As usual, the villains are on the alert and eager to tear apart the heroes for a chance to win. But there it was: a gamer helps Mr. exclusively during the fight one-on-one with the crazy Buddy Pine, calling himself Syndrome, tirelessly throwing punches and deftly avoiding enemy attacks. In another way, does not work: it lost too much energy, you can say goodbye to the life of the character. Mr. exceptional strong and can stand up for yourself, he is able to win not only the syndrome, but also its ally - the terrifying killer robot. However, not all the amazing ability to direct the superhero against the forces of evil, because they can be useful in everyday affairs. For example, Dash Parr, son of Mr. exclusively, also known as Shastik may bring to mind any teacher, if it starts to be worn around the school - it is so fast that no one can catch and tame. No one other than his own mother. In this mini-game gamer controls the sprawling arms Elastic bands and tries to grab Shastika running around everywhere. When it is in its mother's arms, hard to tickle the boy, and it gradually deprive him of all the playful energy. Online games are also Incredibles involving minor characters cartoon. For example, Freon, which can create ice out of the air, glides over the roofs of houses, freezing the ice rink at his feet. The player must guide him past obstacles, to help jump across the gap, collect valuable artifacts. There are also games that involve everything Incredibles cartoon characters. For example, a card game - on each card depicts a character and its characteristics are divided into attractiveness, teamwork, innovation and special forces. The player sees the card and chooses the index, in which it would compete with the enemy. If his card is in this characteristic would be with a higher value, he will take it for myself. To win, you need to collect all the cards. Another game with cards aimed at the development of memory. Here, the player must remember the location of pictures with images of cartoon characters, and when they are turned over, to point out the matching pairs.

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free online game The Incredibles

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