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Games taxis are popular for racing. By controlling these machines, you can imagine any situation when you need to quickly get to a certain place. An important meeting and the conclusion of the contract can be broken if you are late to negotiate. The plane will not wait for you at the airport and fly only at scheduled times. My favorite leave, and not waiting for your display, and then, offended, marries another. You can be late for an important meeting and it will cause the destruction of a career or even a life. Public transport can not take us quickly to where we should be. But there is still hope not to miss their only chance, and it's a taxi! We have gathered in this section, the most gambling, exciting and dynamic games taxi. In them you will become a driver who struggles to deliver passengers to their destination, despite the obstacles that appear in front of him. He repeatedly violated rules of the road, going into the oncoming lane, crossing them in front of a speeding car, and miraculously avoiding a collision. It's a race to the bottom, while the passenger can only hope for a driver skill. Quite often, you will race the police sirens howling. Should I pay attention to it, if at stake is the fate of a man sitting in the back seat of your cab? In addition to the race, the game still endowed with a taxi and economic nuances. Each time a passenger is delivered to the site on time and accident, he rewards you not only for the fare, but also a generous tip. Thus, after working a shift, you will see your daily or nightly earnings. These funds will go to improving the taxi that will help drive even more maneuverable. Trips are often accompanied by additional complications on the road. Encrusted winter route add extreme and makes you feel the adrenaline rush. At high speed cornering the car skid, and only a true pro can keep it on the road. Rain, snow, fog, rain meteors do not add too optimistic. Let's see how you cope with such challenging conditions and within the allotted time for the trip. Deliver the customer at the address - this is only half the story. We still have to find a place to park and have time to take it first. Perhaps this task is more complex than the ride itself is a busy city with congestion on the roads. For a free parking space, some drivers are willing to fight to the death. But sometimes in a taxi unfolding real passion when perched on the back seat of a couple in love. The driver is curious and he kept looking at the pigeons. In this case, you will not have a driver, and one of the lovers who are at that stage of the relationship, when they kiss at every opportunity. Try not to get into the eye of the driver at the time of their tenderness. As soon as he starts to look at your reflection in the mirror, stop spoon. There is nothing to distract people from the road on which your life depends. Better that closely monitoring the situation on the road. Who are now not only allowed behind the wheel of a car! As some can not get the right to drive? The Devil's race where the competition involved a taxi from hell, promise to present a unique show with lights and skulls. And if you move in time Vered, you will learn how to work cabbies future. Left behind petrol fumes and squealing of tires on asphalt. Now all the cars and taxis in particular, fly through the air and picked up passengers in strictly designated areas for them.

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