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To always be at its peak, you can not dwell on the results already achieved. In order to present the idea in an updated form, it is sufficient to introduce some innovative changes and to remove annoying flaws in the previous version. Since you opened the heading Tamagotchi games, you probably guessed that I'll describe this unique toy that rocked the world back in the nineties. Its release is arranged by Bandai - third in size among the giants of producing children's toys. The essence of the game was to take care of Tamagotchi virtual pets. They had to be on time to feed, water, play with them, clean their homes of debris. From the little puppy or kitten grow adult animals, and from the egg hatch chicken, which grew into an adult hen or rooster. But it was necessary to forget the toy home and miss one or more acts of caring for them as a pet is sick and dying. Restart the game and start over, it was impossible. Despite the fact that it was the electronic creation with primitive graphics, the children in earnest tied to them and perceived loss acutely painful. Electronic pets arranged very real funeral, and soon all over the world began to appear cemetery Tamagotchi. Children receive stress, nervous disorders and trauma. The parents raised the alarm and to avoid the consequences, stopped buying toys for children. Starting to lose profits, manufacturer immediately began to seek a way out. If earlier to toy worked, people constantly had to carry a charger Game Boy, it has now got rid of this inconvenience and became independent. But virtual pets still die without the right to re-lives. A small surge of interest again on the decline. Required drastic measures, and they were found - now the host of electronic pet was an opportunity to revive his pet again. The game also has found a new life, reborn from the ashes of a phoenix. Tamagotchi ID released in 2009. It was mounted infrared port, which gives access to the mobile phone, by which, having come to a virtual shop, you can buy for your pet extra things. The toy has a color and on an even more attractive. In 2011, the game was fifteen years old and it was the reason for the release of an updated version of IDL. Along with the modern versions, black and white, too, did not disappear from the shelves. But if the "primitive" version of it is available to the buyer, then the modern for its price and the bite is not available to everyone. But do not be upset, because fans can play in the toy Tamagotchi games, and find in it a considerable advantage. Even if you buy a pocket-sized game, you will be the owner of one of its versions. But by going to our website, you get a free opportunity to start and manage multiple pets. Here is a complete range of story lines that allow to find the one that will please most. Today you are the owner of a zoo or animal kennel. Tomorrow will take aquarium fish. The day after tomorrow will make friends with a dinosaur, growing out of his own from a small lizard. What happens next is known only to you, as the variety of games is constantly growing, offering each time a new fun. When you get tired of taking care of hamsters, parrots learn to talk, to ride along with the pony, plant a seed in a pot and water it with water, so it has grown from a lush, slender plant.

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