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While the girls went on a virtual kitchen to prepare a meal for a new recipe, or try on the crown of the mirror in the dress up games, the boys can take a moment to play tanchiki online. Climb into the tank and go for a war in which the enemy not be good if it will be on your way. In contrast to the realistic simulation, there is no need to bother with multiple devices at once and can aim and shoot at the enemy, increasing the number of game points. Main task - to destroy the enemy en masse, to destroy its strategic assets and capture new territories. Before you open expanse of fields on which the tanks feel particularly comfortable. But the wetlands will be caught. A small grove of young trees will only reduce your speed, but will not stop it completely. During the game you will be able to watch the process on behalf of an outside observer, or find yourself in the cockpit of the pilot and see what is happening on the field in a special slot for review. The angle at which you will observe, and it limits the visibility of inconvenience. But if on the current model will be loaded onto the tank, then the modern tooling machines will watch the fight on the monitor. On it you will see other options, including the scope. Play online tanchiki funny, if it is necessary to bring the tank out of the maze and on the way to shoot from the enemies, and try not to get yourself in the sights. Labyrinth may look as bushes - a hedge, or brick walls surround you. It's a good cover, which does not allow the enemy to detect your location, although you may not be able to orient to the situation. You can play online games tanchiki that resemble the paper version of the fun. Sheet of graph paper in half and each side - a zone of the opposing sides. With their tanks, you should try to visually arrange them against each other, so that during the shot shell hit right on target. Play free online tanchiki possible and with a logical twist. In this case, the tank is made between units and can only rotate the barrel. Your task - to destroy the structure and undermine her in a vulnerable position, so that it has developed and released your machine. The successful release of toggles you to a new level and a new job. If the tank was locked up, despite the fact that the structure fell, then you've made the wrong shot and will have to work on a solution as long as ureguliruete situation. Opening the heading tanchiki games online, you will get the opportunity to plunge into the history and remember the first toys for consoles dandy, Sega and Nintendo, which flirted and forget about time. Our tanks are diverse and choosing a light, agile model, you will become elusive and dangerous enemy. But the heavy tank, though sluggish, but it impenetrable armor and increased firepower, allowing you to push back the enemy from the front line and liberate the occupied their territory. Toy tanks are at war with the toys in the nursery setting their own rules. And some surprise and amaze, aiming at the sky and shoot at the fighters. Game about tanchiki - this strategy, platformers, logic games, shooting games, quests, puzzles and coloring pages. Adding mosaic, you will learn the name of the different models of tanks and see them in all their glory. These powerful machines hover over you his armored body and do not know mercy of the enemy. Become a tanker - a dream of young warriors, virtual characters, is now ready to spring into action.

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