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Every child and adult knows the game Tetris, but its author a little, who knows. Is also the creator Alexey Pajitnov - a Soviet programmer podsmotrevshy pentamino ideas in the game and introduced in 1984 its version. On the playing field, the figures fall - broken or straight lines, squares. Reaching the bottom, they should be the most suitable for them the space to form a continuous line with the figures that are already there. Man runs each new figure, which appears by rotating it around its own axis and moving it to the right or to the left until it reaches the desired position. At first, the figures are moving quite slowly, and the player has time to deploy them in the correct position. But gradually, the movement is accelerating, and forcing the player to act quick. When formed a solid line at the bottom of stacked items, it will disappear, giving way to the next item. If the figure fell wrong and the void between itself and other elements, it is impossible to fix. The more of these bad decisions, the less chance of getting a winner. And when the playing field is filled up to the top figures who have no chance to disappear, the game stops. In times of advice when such a toy was considered something of a miracle of technology, in her enthusiasm to play, children and adults with uncles aunties. Tear them away from so much fun it was virtually impossible. The man was so absorbed in the process, which ceased to hear what's around. Available it was not all because cost is quite expensive for the average citizen. Today, you can play Tetris for free not only on a personal computer, Nr and using a mobile phone or tablet. Now, this game will always be with you in every situation and can brighten up the hours of waiting in line or an extended trip, opening and beginning to play a game of Tetris for free. In modern versions of the original developers used the idea of ​​Alexey Pajitnov, but went further in their decisions. Now, in addition to the classic Tetris with monotonous lines, you will see the funny options for its implementation. On the playing field descend furniture, Egyptian hieroglyphs, blocks of houses. In some embodiments, you run the tap directing such blocks and stack them in a free slot. Similarly to the construction and occupation of the ancient pyramids. And while The kids fun with funny faces and animals, adult gamers can play Tetris online for free with an erotic slant or on toilet theme. Indeed, the imagination of developers knows no boundaries and is able to surprise. Starting Tetris game to play, you can repeat the lessons of geography, putting countries, continents, rivers, seas and oceans in their native place. The process remains the same - to turn and move them to the side to side made the right position and successfully placed on the map. For food lovers there are versions in bulk 3D graphics, and for those who prefer to complicate their task, it is proposed to play Tetris online, putting the figure in the classic version, but in the color. Now that disappeared folded line, it should have the same color. If the version of the same color figures the player does not always able to reach a positive outcome, in this version to make it even more difficult. All steps bring a certain amount of player points, which are displayed in a special window. Making more efficient moves, you put personal bests and can compete with other fans of Tetris.

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