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Favorite toys for all the boys that weapon, robots, military equipment. In general, any piece of iron, which can be adapted as a weapon. And when it's all connected under one cover, the best toys you can imagine. Robots transformers that were fun, which is able to satisfy the passion of every boy and even grown men do not remain indifferent to it. When Transformers first appeared in the children's collection of toys, never parted with them for a minute. They accompanied the boys on the street and at school, with them sleeping in the same bed and seated at the dinner table next to him. This toy could be transformed into a flying space ship, plane, tank, cruiser, submarine. She shot, making the appropriate sounds, and lights up the set of lights. And if such a robot could even walk and he turn around, then drove out of the heart of the boy all the other toys. All new eye-catcher. But time passes and offers new ideas. What was once considered riding dreams into oblivion. The batteries sit, broken parts, the design is no longer functioning. First toy is sent to the bottom of the box, and then with it in the trash. Movies about Transformers revised inside and out, and have lost their novelty. But when there were transformers 2 games of interest to the steel giants increased again. For them, the beginning of a new life, but in the virtual world. Now every young warrior can itself be directly involved in the battle and see their results. If you previously had to imagine the development and outcome of events, today, commanding a division of robots, all happening right before the eyes of the commander in chief. The movie "Transformers 2" was the basis for a number of plots of computer products. Megatron and his Deseptekony attacked the city. With each new attack enemy strengthens his power, sending an army to capture vehemently. But your soldiers armed to the teeth. In store you will find new robots with increased lethal force and expanded the radius. Placing them at various points, be careful to enemy soldiers, leaving them with one affected area, just got the new one. Even the armored robot can stand against mass attack and fails. Place your mouse emphasis on the model of Transformers in the lower field, and you'll learn all their characteristics. This will help you to arrange them in different areas of the city. Home is your goal - to prevent the penetration of the enemy on the strategically important site and to keep it to the last. On the topic of the film "Transformers: Dark of the Moon", created the game transformers 3. Then you wait for the action of a different nature. Even in combat is something creative, because you are encouraged to collect puzzle to reconstruct the events depicted in the figure. Collected puzzle will show different images of robots, Transformers, majestic and realistic, as if ready to get off the screen and continue on your way. At other times, playing online games transformers 2, you will be looking at the background of the image objects. Sometimes it is difficult to find the next item, which merged with the background image and the contours of the main image. But when all the pieces are at your disposal, will only collect them from the transformer to the new model, picking up detail in the scheme. Having started playing transformers, you will plunge into urban war set off to conquer space, plunge to the seabed. Transformers games online offer to test themselves in different situations, and even in a post-nuclear war.

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