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The decision of computer puzzle games - fun activities that can permanently captivate gambling gamer. Collection of three identical figures on the playing field is invariably popular fun, because here you have to be logical thinking, attention. In addition, these toys great distraction from everyday worries, you can relax. The essence of all of these games are very simple: the gamer sees randomly scattered gems, fruits, insects, colorful squares and so must swap adjacent images to make a number of the same. Three games in a row online are created for every taste, and therefore will be of interest to kids, and serious gamers. For example, the essence of the game is set in the harvest from your garden center. The problem is that delicious apples, strawberries, carrots, tomatoes and other goodies you can add to basket only parties, not less than three. When the player is able to create a garland of cabbage, cucumbers, peaches and oranges, they will automatically disappear, and the bonus the player's score falls a certain number of points. Thus, the longer will be the same number of vegetables or fruit, the more will be the amount and the closer the player would be a new record. Often these games have a time limit - the gamer has to earn a certain amount, say five minutes. To do this, you need to carefully inspect the playing field to find it most advantageous combination. Online games are three in a row with different objects. It can be soft toys and gamers need to collect a number of identical bears, crocodiles, rabbits. Or funny faces aliens, colorful tropical fish, images of cartoon characters, different kinds of flowers. Sometimes in games with the collection of three identical images provided an unusual gameplay - figures do not change places and gamers need to shoot from a special gun in a lot of images coming down from the sky. Special hint tells what kind of figure will shoot the next one, and the player directs it to the accumulation of other such that when they connect, could disappear and bring plenty of bonuses. If these games are not thinking in front of his shots or make hasty moves, you can be in a critical situation - rows of figures will drop too low to the gun, will not be able to remove a lot of images, and the game is over losing. Sometimes the puzzle with the collection of the three figures in a row is part of a large and successful action games gamer opening the way for him to new levels, can earn money for further development. Three games in a row we have collected for you in this section of the site. Be able to put ironclad game record?

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Online Game Three in a row for free

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