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Raise children and care for them - this is a serious responsibility, but if everything is happening in the world of computer games, will cope with this task even novice gamers. Post a pacifier, diaper change, time to feed, entertain fun toy - all these actions are carried out with a special menu and a gamer must ensure that the virtual baby time getting everything you need. Game care for babies usually begin with simple tasks that can help you get used to the gameplay and understand the basic principles of caring for a child game. The player concerned at first about a kid and he has enough time to perform all his whims. Next will be more difficult - you need to take care of two or three babies and can not allow them to be dissatisfied with something. The child himself says what he wants, with a special icon. For example, when he wants to eat, the image appears near the bottle. When he described the player will see the icon of the diaper. Enough to wield a mouse to perform all operations - a child can be moved to a new location or to give him the desired object by left-clicking the mouse. Games childcare offer even take care of the groups in kindergarten and gamer should be attentive to each child, because if one does not receive proper care, on account of the player are not listed virtual money and he will not be able to advance to higher levels. Sometimes games for girls kids put a few other tasks. For example, you could prepare a delicious breakfast for small children. They are suitable to showcase a buffet and use of icons bought biscuits, fruit juice, scrambled eggs and other goodies. Gamer should just lay down an order on a tray and serve a hungry child. Sometimes in games with the kids to take the appearance of the baby, for him to pick up a beautiful hat, stylish sliders, a comfortable T-shirt. If a holiday is approaching, the kid can suggest a suit - dress as a bunny before the New Year, dress up in nice clothes before Halloween Vampire Elixir. Taking care of the baby also means cleaning his room, creating in it a stylish interior. Gamers can try different colored wallpaper, a furnished room with elegant furnishings decorate the teddy bears and other toys. In these amusements have to think not only about the design of the room, but also the convenience of a child - it must have enough space to play, you need to put a cot in the right place, there should be enough boxes to ensure that they could add up toys and clothes. Try playing with the care of babies in this section of our website. And you can be the perfect babysitter?

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