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Football stadium - the Mecca, the temple, the sanctuary for any fan of the sport. And when the season comes on TV or the most common match, the television remote control is untouchable. Football is more important for men of any problems or holiday. During an important match streets and freeze siroteyut. Of every open window heard moans annoying after each goal scored an own goal and triumphant cries during a goal against the enemy. And if the team manages to win the game, the city overrun with hordes of fans dudelki and flags, which are carried by a whirlwind of winners, chanting slogans, chants intoned. Football games give that same excitement. Realistic simulations to recreate the meeting took place in real life, pushing teams from different countries. In this case, the player can always choose the side that will be present and the team and to change it during the game, replacing some other players. The camera allows you to rotate the image, showing the situation in the field from different angles. You can change the image of the first or the third-party individuals to better assess, combinations with the ball. The audience chanting, cheering their team or osvistyvaya failure. In air lifted placards with slogans in support of their players. The referee runs on the field, and generously handing out yellow and red cards, and sometimes it seems that it clearly paid off, as the opposing team are forgiven even serious violations, while you are punished even for something that was not there. In order to play a football game simulator, it is necessary to have a certain skill to manage such games, as it does not weak toys, to which must adapt himself. But when the master process, you from them by the ears will not drag. For those who do not have time, contact with the game for a long time, we offer to play football for free online in a mini version. Maybe you do not get so vivid impressions of opportunities to manage the process, but the very fact of initiation to a similar occupation, fill your leisure time with solemn emotion. Especially like the children to have similar toys that have yet to comprehend school football fans. While still in her elementary school, they are happy to roll the ball on the green field with cartoon characters, comic book, with the help of robots and utterly fantastical creatures. Even the stars of cinema, politicians and priests act as footballers and show your master class. All sorts of demons, skeletons, werewolves and vampires are driven around the stadium. Playing football can even fingers or a toy box. Table football is popular as much as the real thing. Adults uncles enthusiastically pulling the levers controlling iron players, trying to score a goal in the wrong gate. A similar version of the game is and in our section, and you can always play football online free desktop version. Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo and other characters are actively competing with each other for the title of best player of the season. There are even versions with the women's football. As if men do not like to leave the exclusive right of the game, but women continue to actively explore all kinds of sports and other aspects of life. And I must admit, they are very successful! And for those girls who prefer to play the role of a member of the cheerleading team, prepared online football game with such a facility. Grab your pom-poms in hand, put a special form and maintain their team chants and dances, provocative music.

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