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Famous cartoon characters about the rescue team would not mind to take part in games, and that is to put in place vicious criminals, to protect the good and justice. Two chipmunks named Chip and Dale confront crime boss Bellowfiz cat, mad scientist Professor Nimnul and many other villains. Help them with this fellow rescuers: Zipper fly, capable of penetrating into any cracks and often helping out the whole team out of difficult situations, mouse Hex, known for his skill and mechanics are constantly inventing various gadgets mouse Roquefort cheese lover, strong guy and a reliable friend. The first game with Chip and Dale first appeared during the 8-bit consoles. Here, you can manage one of the chipmunks, helping him move through the streets of a virtual city, to collect valuable artifacts, shoot down enemies with apples, boxes, and others, have fallen under the hand objects. At the end of the heroes of levels there are huge and very dangerous villains who can win only the most agile and quick players. Now a copy of this toy is available in flash version, and gamers can try their skills virtual helper. Online games Chip and Dale often beat a passion for cartoon characters goodies. For example, the player becomes a chef who is indignant arrogance chipmunks steal his apples, pieces of cheese cake. He sees how these thieves get away with the booty, and throws them into balls with water. Need to knock down all the figures of Chip and Dale to earn enough bonus and get to the next level. There are wonderful coloring game in which you can spice up virtual paint black and white drawings of your favorite heroes. In such toys have pictures of all the cartoon characters and different scenes from it. If Chip and Dale existed in the real world, they would not mind to have fun with computer games. And probably would have chosen as the main characters of his fellow - chipmunks, squirrels, mice. The flash games can be controlled daring adventures of rodents that do not hesitate risking their lives to possess appetizing nuts. To do this, they jump on the branches of tall trees, fly on homemade devices. Gamer helps them avoid falling into the abyss and clashes with dangerous enemies. In the game world there are many candidates for nuts and because chipmunks have to protect stocks. Gamer helps them save their houses from approaching thieves. Ready to help Chip, Dale, and their friends and fellow rescuers rodents punish all evildoers, collect all bonuses and rescue all the friends? Then try your hand at games with their participation in this section of our website.

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Online Games Chip and Dale free

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