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Plants on virtual farms require no less care than real and tomatoes, cabbage, wheat. Gamer, who founded the farm in the gaming world has time to water your seedlings, pull weeds, collect ripe harvest. In this task does not end there, because the collected fruit and vegetables to take to market, and the resulting profit to the development of the farm. For example, buy the seeds of new plants, equipment, expand the territory. FACTS & games also allow you to take care of the animals, making a profit from the sale of sheep's wool, eggs, cow's milk. Economic strategy - a very important component of success in such toys. Gamer should spend their time and resources on profitable initiatives to successfully perform tasks games provide opportunities for further development. For example, first of all seeds have the option to buy only the cabbage. It matures quickly, gives a good harvest, but the market for cabbages offer small money. But enough of them to buy the seeds of pepper, tomatoes, buy seedlings of fruit trees. Each new crop gives a new profit. When the farmer will be able to organize on its territory or to have a pig barn, worries he will become much more. Animals want to drink, eat, and if you forget about it, poor little animals may even die. It is also very important to take away from them the finished product, because if the chickens will have nowhere else to put the eggs, they simply cease to be carried if the cows will not be empty milk churns, they will cease to be milked. And then on the farm comes stagnation, which may result in bankruptcy and the failure of the game missy. Development of the agricultural business in the modern world is only possible with perfect technique. Of course, the player can dig up the ground with a shovel or a sickle to harvest wheat, but his actions will be more effective if he uses for this powerful tractor and combine harvester. Sometimes mini-games with the farm can not only grow vegetables, fruits, but also make them a variety of goodies. For example, you can open a juice shop and sell them at a good price thirsty customers. Or send all collected in the barn for milk cheese production. This will bring much more profit, but at the same time require to constantly monitor the supply of raw materials for their production, and an assortment of finished products in its stores. In the mini-games sometimes do themed farm, where you can focus on the cultivation of fruit, do business with poultry or to arrange a flower growing and creating festive bouquets. Test your ability to farmer-businessman in the games collected in this section of our site.

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