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Multi-colored balloons, roundels with ridiculous muzzles, soap bubbles, images of famous characters in the round frame - all the characters of many flash toys with balls. They participate in puzzles, arcades, shooters, arcades. For example, the little virtual man wants to get to the treasure at the top of the mountain, and the easiest way to do this - take off on a few balloons. The player controls his flight, helps to collect valuable artifacts along the way, avoid dangerous traps, and evil enemies. At such times the balloons flying stuffed animals or balls themselves circling in the sky. But the problem with the gamer can be quite different - the mouse cursor to aim accurately and shoot down all the flying past his target. And sometimes the balls are not victims, but the instrument. You can throw balls with water running over the screen game animals or aim paint balls at passers-by. Online you can play balls, driving round a hero. This loaf is rolled on the platforms the game world and there is always a danger that it will fall into the abyss - gamers need to carefully think through traffic roundels, to save his life and bring the next level of the game. Several such balls have amazing properties that help to achieve the aim of the game. Some may increase or decrease. This allows you to get into small cracks or to push their weight large obstacles on the road. Others are able to turn into cubes, making them a convenient stand for another jump ball. It is very interesting to play online balls in the genre of logic puzzles. Most often, it is a series of three games in a row in which you want the playing field to collect a horizontal or vertical line of the same roundels. It may just be a colorful circles or balls with images of beautiful fairies, Sonic and his friends, as well as other gaming celebrities. These balls are made with a different game gameplay. In one toy gamer will see the field, completely filled with round chips. He can rearrange them, and when the whole line will bring the same images, they will disappear, and in their place new balls will fall - as the game goes on, or to infinity, which allows you to set impressive records, or until the player will collect a certain number of bonuses. In another embodiment of the puzzle, you can play for free balls by firing them from a special gun and collecting, so the accumulation of identical roundels. Game balls are online, even in the strategy genre - for example, you need to install the tower, shoot off the balls rolling down the path. Enjoy a variety of games with balls in this section of our website.

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