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People still play chess and a half thousand years ago, but even after all this time, this intelligent fun remains very popular, with the only difference is that now you can play chess with the computer. It will be very useful for beginners who are just getting started with the rules of the game, want to clearly understand how to move shapes, try to practice a variety of game strategy. Experienced players will also benefit from computer chess, because they are created specifically for the sophisticated simulators, in which the program is playing at grandmaster and lets you test yourself in a real intense game. Games Chess meet with various graphic display. This may be a conventional black-and-white cells, in which the moving image unpretentious figures. Or is traced in detail the three-dimensional board with bulky pawns, queens, bishops, which will not give the appearance of even the most refined wooden figures. Play Chess with computer is very simple and it is enough to wield only the mouse cursor. The player selects left-click one of the shapes, and then points to the cell where he wants to move it. If this program is for beginners, the special illumination of cells will show where you can put the selected shape. In some versions of computer chess keeps track of all the moves, which are displayed in a common notation. This can be useful for a really enthusiastic chess players who on the basis of these statistics can replay the game to try some other moves. Classical chess board has 64 cells, but the computer version you can download a mini-board - it will be a field of 4 by 4, or 6 for 6, with a significantly reduced number of shapes. These toys can please even the kids who just want to have fun and do not want to learn the rules of chess. For those who's goal is not only to have a good time, but also improve your skills, you can try playing with chess problems. It is proposed to start the game with the unusual position of figures and need to win it for a certain number of moves. In chess you can play online and in retrofit simulations. For example, in the field are animated figures, their moves have nothing to do with the classic rules, and when she removed an enemy soldier, the player sees their fight. And there are games in which chess became an arcade game - there should be a gamer using chess pieces to perform some mission in the field, for example, to get to the banner of the enemy army and seize it. Play chess online without registration you can in this section of our online gaming portal.

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