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Checkers - the game is pretty simple, but it is the all-round development of human thinking and truly captivates players for many centuries. Battles take place on a field of 64 of cells. They are set round drafts of two colors. Opponents make their moves to take off all the opponent's pieces. Checkers move only diagonally and only one box. Move to an unlimited number of fields can only be the special chips that were able to walk to the extreme number of rivals - they are called Kings. To remove the opponent's piece, you need to jump over her figure. Feature pieces in that in one turn can take several enemy chips - it should be a suitable position on the field where it is possible to jump sequentially through other people's figures. In this case, you can even change the direction of its travel. For those players who are just beginning to learn the rules of the game of checkers, it is useful to play checkers online. This program tells you where to can be selected block. And sometimes it is possible to establish an easy game mode in which the computer will play in the half strength. In computer games you can play checkers with different designs. For example, load volume table with marked cells, standing in a virtual living room. In these games you can sometimes even see the figure of his enemy, which gives the game a particularly realistic. If, however, the detailed specification of the process only distracts gamers from playing, he can try the simplified version of the flash chess, in which you need to move the mouse in black and white roundels on the cellular field. Checkers game - it's fun and intelligent in her need to think through your moves in advance. Right strategy will lead to victory and did not allow the player to be in a desperate situation. For example, it may happen that the checker on the field will be closed and unable to make a single move. And some of the players realized block other people's chips to take away the opponent's capabilities to deploy a winning attack. Some computer checkers are made with special rules. This can be a gamble fun "in Chapaev", shooting on drafts of the enemy. Or an ancient game with black and white chips, which in turn are exposed to cellular field. Players must put their pieces so that they block the figure of the enemy, and then they will change color and move to the other side. In this fun to win one whose chips on the field is greater. Play checkers for free can be in different ways, such as English, Russian, Italian checkers are a bit different initial placement of chips and regulations. Games online checkers are collected in this section of our site.

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