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Girl gamer can easily master the art of cooking, if it starts with a workout in the many games of the series "Sara's Cooking Class." Here, each recipe is divided into steps, which you should follow the simple steps to turn a set of disparate ingredients into a virtual mouth-watering dish. Games offer a culinary school to cook such snacks from which literally salivating. Pizza with mushrooms, chocolate pudding, cream-tiered cake, fruit cakes - all this and more can be created in the culinary flash games. Typically, cooking here begins with the preparation components: the need to chop vegetables, cheese rubbed on a grater, fish cleaned. Minor ingredients are mixed to create a semi-finished products - flour, water and salt turn into dough, butter, eggs and sugar in sweet whipped cream. Then you need to handle, mix, and these intermediates. The cream is applied to the future of cakes cake. Vegetable mixture evenly on pizza. Chocolate dough is cut in the shape of the future cookies. To bring the virtual cooking to its logical conclusion, you need to use ovens, gas cookers, microwave ovens. Pots are installed on the burner, and the soup they have a good rolling boil. Trays of cookies stacked in a preheated to the desired temperature inside the oven and maintained until tender. Pre-cut pieces of bread stacked in a toaster, where roast until crisp. Culinary school games for girls are very simple and they will be able to understand even novice gamers. Handy tips to help make true every action, a clear sequence of cooking allows you to not get lost, even in a complicated recipe. Sometimes these games have a time limit for each stage of cooking. For example, slicing tomatoes should take no more than two minutes, and roll out the dough to finish in three. If you act carelessly, can not meet the deadline, and then all you have to repeat - so, cutting vegetables, you need to hold the mouse in the definition by pointing arrow and if digress, the game simply will not count the efforts gamer. Games for girls and school cooks are created with elements of strategy. For example, the player becomes an employee of the diner and prepares customers for hot dogs, fries, pours them coffee and lemonade. Each buyer clearly tells about what he wanted to eat, and if the gamer can do it quickly and efficiently, the cashier virtual institution gets a certain amount of money. Wear a hat and a virtual chefs try their skills in cooking games collected in this section of our site.

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