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In a virtual universe of money is made in the same way as in the real world. To do this, you can open your hotel, take the restaurant business to become a shopkeeper. The economic strategy game developed from a small start-up capital, which the gamer has to turn into a serious condition. To do this, you need to buy the necessary equipment to provide customers with a variety of goods or services. For example, the hotel can install entire blocks of rooms, common rooms, swimming pools, laundry - thus creating a whole building. For the clothing store bought several items of t-shirts, ordered advertising on TV, creates a stylish showcase. Sometimes the games begin without any financial investments, but they already have everything you need to get started. For example, in the cafe can stand a few tables and a counter will be filled with all sorts of desserts. Or the bookstore shelves literally groaning with various genres of literature. To be successful in economic games, you need to take care of their customers. They are always clearly express their wishes, and gamers just need to quickly implement them. For example, if you play in the management of the airport, arriving passengers should be directed to the box office to sell tickets they desired, to conduct a survey of the gate and boarding the plane. If you stay with these actions, it will create all the discontented people who may miss their flights, leading to loss of revenue and reputation. The same applies to any other business - when customers come to the hotel, is without delay to send them to the room, and if they choose to drink fresh juice, swim in the pool or read a book, we must immediately hold them in the right place and bring everything you need. Profit is essential for success in economic games. As a rule, you want to rate on earnings on some days, that gives you access to more complex missions. If the task of profit is not met, this game day will have to "live" again. And the profit here - it's not just abstract numbers, and the opportunity to develop business. When on account of the player enough finances, it can buy new shelves for the store, put a machine for making ice cream in a coffee shop, hire a maid at the hotel, open a new terminal at the airport terminal. Moving through the levels of these games, the gamer will find many new opportunities to increase profits. As an end result, you can bring your company to the level of a huge corporation with an impressive income. Economic strategy game in this section of our portal can be not only fascinating entertainment, but also give impetus to the development of the business in the real world.

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