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In every era has its heroes, its fashion trends in lifestyle and in the sentiments of the people. With each new era there are more youth subcultures, to control thoughts and minds of the younger generation. So, emo culture mega popular in our age. It originated on the basis of musical style emo, and is the most emotional of all. Like other subcultures, emo also impose their preferences in the style of clothes and hair, and that is a reflection of the internal state and the attitude of the media and the keeper of the flow. And, as the emo style also prefer not only those on the subculture, the creation of entertainment under the name of the game for girls emo seems quite logical. These games are mainly the dress in which you can use to dress up their emo style mannequins and create interesting images. Here you can find the emo-girls and emo-boys, and even Emo Emo bunnies and ice cream. As for the main features of the appearance of emo girls and emo boys, the hair - it's jagged bangs to the side to face covering one eye and be sure to back short black hair sticking out in all directions. Girls still make two children with bright tail hairpins. Black, even resin, hair color - a prerequisite to carry the title of Emo Kid. Picture of the accessories can be identified tunnels in the ears, facial piercings, certain makeup - black eyes, bright lips and skin tone, black nail polish. In the clothing and preferences in black and white tones with rare pink and other bright colors. Combined color necessarily staggered or stripes. A variety of patterns, badges with the name of the popular emo bands or chopped hearts - that's what can be found on the clothes of Representatives emo trend. The style of this dress with the intervention of sports casual style. In the shoes of preference is given kedam, Vance or moccasins. Color Coloring necessarily the same as in clothes. What kind of clothing is often seen on the picture of youth? It is a narrow-shirt and jeans, bright or black belt, and a scarf around his neck in the box. Among other attributes, still stands mail bag that is worn over the shoulder, big sunglasses, bright beads, bracelets, wristbands, and small soft teddy bear with sewn bellies. This is only a schematic representative of the collective image of the emo subculture, and through fun games for girls emo all this can change and add as you like and so exciting and interesting to spend time with.

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