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© Man has always come up with different stories to entertain themselves and others. This was the genesis legends and stories in which people gradually began to believe. Some of the stories that are passed by word of mouth, lost and changed. Each narrator added to the narrative its share of fancy and, in time, was born completely new parable. Then they began to write, to keep the most instructive and entertaining texts on papyrus, and then in the books. One day someone came up with the idea to portray the story of heroes in action, and there were theaters. Next, the cinema has offered a new form of art and books come to life in a script and the actors. All of these findings have enriched my knowledge of people or just entertained. But every time the man remained only listeners, readers and viewers are unable to influence the course of events, but only the host finished the story. It was only with the advent of computers and gaming products, a new era of entertainment. When the Internet became accessible to everyone, people came out for constraining the scope completely. Now any information and free online games you can get in a matter of seconds. People who are on the opposite shore of the ocean, freely communicate, share opinion, fall in love, become virtual friends and partners in computer games. They can populate the fictional world of his own characters, develop them, to enrich the knowledge and material goods. Now everyone can be a detective and outdo himself to Sherlock Holmes with his famous method of deduction. Well-known literary characters have settled in many games, and suggest new topics for the development of the story line. Gamer turns to any of them and create their own new story. If desired, one can download the game for free or connect to them online. Making them more accessible, developers take into account recent advances of electronics and adapting their products are not only PCs but also mobile phones and tablets. A variety of genres affects all imagination. It seems that there is no sphere of life, which would not be covered. The practice of sport is now possible from the comfort of home. The development of logical thinking in children and adults engaged creators of games. Free games are sent to war, in which at least there are winners and the defeated, but remain alive and well back home in the real world. Cartoon characters perfectly adapted to the new life and working with the players, making them accomplices during their tricks. Flash games lifted the curtain that hides a secret. Now everyone can imagine myself a writer, director, artist working on the creation of the next masterpiece. Table games, gambling, logical, educational, and many others are located in separate sections and is constantly updated with original ideas. Online games offer free test himself in the role of different professions and build your own business. Craving for farming, fashionable clothes, cooking, jewelry, home decoration, urban planning can be performed in an imaginary world. Even love has acquired new dimensions, allowing you to win the hearts of tens of simultaneously without fear of condemnation. Themed holidays: Halloween, Christmas, New Year, birthday and others, can be celebrated at any time of the year and prepare for it in advance, coming up with costumes, decorations and festive table space. You can download free games that you like the most, and to continue to develop rubrics, in search of pearls.

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